Explain 5 meanings according to students about English

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Before doing work, fill in the questions first:
1). Read Bismillah,
2). If you don't understand the question, read it again and do the question.
3). If you are working on a question, don't rush to read the question seriously.
4). If you do it first, you will be considered young.
5). If you have finished reading, thank God.

Essay Questions:
1). Explain 5 meanings according to students about English, give an example of each?
2). Explain the 5 functions according to English experts, give an example of each.
3). How does English Planning think medians are demonstrated in schools to educate students? Explain
4). students try to explain the 5 English language decisions according to the Education Department (Dikbud) in Banten, explain.
5). Mention the regulations of the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture regarding English language education, explain their meaning.

Good luck working on this question with the correct answer.
Source: Lecturer Hevvi Henrizan, SE,.M.Si

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